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Upcoming Perl meeting dates:'s meetings are usually held the last Monday of the month. See the confirmed meeting dates list below:
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Tony Gasparovic runs the Orange County Perl Mongers group. Linkedin profile

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Previous Talks:

07/29/2018: Roundtable lightning talks
06/25/2018: Roundtable lightning talks
05/28/2018: No meeting
04/30/2018: Learning Perl 6.
03/26/2018: Learning Perl 6.
02/26/2018: Learning Perl 6.
01/29/2018: Learning Perl 6, Ramana Mokkapati software security.
12/25/2017: No meeting due to xmas holiday.
11/20/2017: Learning Perl 6. Meeting moved to November 20th due to Thanksgiving holiday
10/30/2017: Learning Perl 6.
09/25/2017: Bob Mathews: permutations code permutations
08/28/2017: Ramada Mokkapati: dt data collection tool. Roundtable talks.
07/31/2017: Canceled.
06/26/2017: Tony Gasparovic: Displaying live data on your website with Google charts Google_charts
05/22/2017: May Perl Challenge, Scraping data with Mechanize.
04/24/2017: Scraping web content using WWW::Mechanize::Firefox
03/27/2017: Ramana Mokkapati: dt - a data transformation/tracking framework
02/27/2017: Balanced bracket Perl challenge. Group effort & solution.
01/39/2017: Tony Gasparovic: Intro to Amateur Radio.
12/05/2016: Roundtable lightning talks. Group planning for 2017.
10/24/2016: Roundtable lightning talks
09/26/2016: Meeting canceled.
08/29/2016: No meeting.
07/25/2016: Suraj: Buffer Overflow C programming.
06/27/2016: Bob Mathews: Regular Expressions - An Alternate Approach. Regex
06/27/2016: Erick Jordan: Contributing a module to CPAN. CPAN.pdf
05/30/2016: Canceled - Due to holiday.
04/25/2016: Purna C Rout - Security Enhanced Linux. (SELinux) - SELinux
03/28/2016: Sushanth Sivaram - presents Big Data to Cloud.
02/29/2016: Ramana Mokkapati - Concurrency in Perl 6
02/29/2016: Erick Jordon - Perl 6 NativeCall
01/25/2016: Canceled - Due to members attending SCALE
12/28/2015: Canceled - Due to holiday
11/30/2015: Suraj Vijayan: Cryptography
10/26/2015: Ramana Mokkapati: IMAP and email enabled applications Email Enabling Applications IMAP Automation Code
10/26/2015: Vijay Anand: ElasticSearch (nosql data base) / Kibina (Data visualization). ElasticSearch
09/28/2015: Ramana Mokkapati: Perl6 overview and comparison with Perl5. slides code
08/31/2015: Roundtable lightning talks
07/27/2015: Tony Gasparovic: Scraping websites using
07/27/2015: Tony Gasparovic: Storing data in JSON files using JSON
07/27/2015: Tony Gasparovic: Creating HTML Templates using: HTML::Template
06/29/2015: Ramana Mokkapati: Information on YAPC 2015 Salt Lake City Perl 6 Summary
06/29/2015: Bob Mathews: Graph Theory Graphs
05/25/2015: Canceled - Due to holiday
04/27/2015: Bob Mathews: Calculating Pi using Chudnovsky algorithm Pi
03/30/2015: Ramana Mokkapati: (Perl to compute Pi)
03/30/2015: Bob Mathews: Dice in Perl Dice
02/23/2015: Canceled - Due to SCALE
01/26/2015: Olli Hollmen - Getting started with MongoDB
12/30/2014: Canceled - Due to Xmas holiday
11/24/2014: Tony Gasparovic: Using a Raspberry Pi computer and Perl to automate his Cat's Litter Robot video
11/24/2014: Olli Hollmen - Large scale Asynchronous web services using Perl
10/27/2014: Ramana Mokkapati presented a) Net::Server usage and b) generating org chart. h2o.tar.gz
09/29/2014: Suraj Vijayan presented Generic server framework GENERIC_SERVER
08/25/2014: Vijay Anand: Plack, Dancer2
07/28/2014: Tony Gasparovic: Parsing EXCEL Spreadsheets using Win32::OLE / Active Perl kit compiling
07/28/2014: Ramana Mokkapati - Perl SWIG Interface. Reuse C libraries in your Perl code
06/30/2014: Vijay Anand: Docker
06/30/2014: Bob Mathews: Capturing TCP streams with Net::Pcap Pcap
05/26/2014: May meeting canceled due to holiday
04/28/2014: Ramana Mokkapati : Will talk about his really cool Raspberry Pi projects.
03/31/2014: Bob Mathews: cairographics
02/24/2014: Vijay Anand: Angular JS programming Angular JS
02/24/2014: Tony Gasparovic: Faker module.
01/27/2014: Juan J. Natera: Perl Socket Programming sockets
01/27/2014: Chuck Hardin: Stirring the Hive with a Perl Stick perl-hive
01/27/2014: Bob Mathews: JPEG compression using Perl JPEG
12/30/2013: Canceled - Due to Xmas holiday
11/25/2013: Canceled - Due to Thanksgiving holiday
10/28/2013: Canceled - We are looking for another meeting location.
09/30/2013: Vijay Anand Getopt::Std
09/30/2013: Bob Mathews: Data compression: Unzipping with Perl inflate  deflate  zip_ocpm.odp
08/26/2013: August meeting canceled
07/29/2013: Mike Bass: Catalyst
07/29/2013: Bob Mathews: Data Compression Huffman Codes: huffman_ocpm.odp
06/24/2013: Vijay Anand XML :
05/20/2013: Wyatt Drago & Vijay Anand: Regular Expressions
04/29/2013: Vijay Anand: CGI-Perl
03/25/2013: Vijay Anand: DB-Perl
02/25/2013: Vijay Anand: OO-Perl
01/28/2013: Tony Gasparovic: A Perl controlled security system built from scratch.