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September 24th meeting has been canceled.

Learning Perl 6

We are a very active Perl group that has meetings every mouth. Although our group is primarily focused on Perl, we also enjoy learning
about other programming languages and open source technologies that can solve real-world problems.

Upcoming Perl meeting dates:

OC.pm's meetings are usually held the last Monday of the month. See the confirmed meeting dates list below:
Meeting Times:  7 - 9pm

Monday, Aug 27th, 2018

Meeting location:

Broadcom 15101 Alton Parkway, Irvine, Irvine, CA-92618.

Call the phone number posted on the door. Someone will let you in

The Monthly Perl Challenge:

January Perl challenge   

Meeting topics:

Slot 1) Need a volunteer

Slot 2) Need a volunteer

Slot 2) As a group we will cover the next 3 chapters of Perl 6.

Your Host:

Tony Tony runs the Orange County Perl Mongers group. Linkedin profile

Mailing List:

You can subscribe to our mailing list by sending a message containing only the word 'subscribe' to: oc-pm-request@mail.pm.org

Previous Talks:

07/29/2018: Roundtable lightning talks
06/25/2018: Roundtable lightning talks
05/28/2018: No meeting
04/30/2018: Learning Perl 6.
03/26/2018: Learning Perl 6.
02/26/2018: Learning Perl 6.
01/29/2018: Learning Perl 6, Ramana Mokkapati software security.
12/25/2017: No meeting due to xmas holiday.
11/20/2017: Learning Perl 6. Meeting moved to November 20th due to Thanksgiving holiday
10/30/2017: Learning Perl 6.
09/25/2017: Bob Mathews: permutations code permutations
08/28/2017: Ramada Mokkapati: dt data collection tool. Roundtable talks.
07/31/2017: Canceled.
06/26/2017: Tony Gasparovic: Displaying live data on your website with Google charts Google_charts
05/22/2017: May Perl Challenge, Scraping data with Mechanize.
04/24/2017: Scraping web content using WWW::Mechanize::Firefox
03/27/2017: Ramana Mokkapati: dt - a data transformation/tracking framework
02/27/2017: Balanced bracket Perl challenge. Group effort & solution.
01/39/2017: Tony Gasparovic: Intro to Amateur Radio.
12/05/2016: Roundtable lightning talks. Group planning for 2017.
10/24/2016: Roundtable lightning talks
09/26/2016: Meeting canceled.
08/29/2016: No meeting.
07/25/2016: Suraj: Buffer Overflow C programming.
06/27/2016: Bob Mathews: Regular Expressions - An Alternate Approach. Regex
06/27/2016: Erick Jordan: Contributing a module to CPAN. CPAN.pdf
05/30/2016: Canceled - Due to holiday.
04/25/2016: Purna C Rout - Security Enhanced Linux. (SELinux) - SELinux
03/28/2016: Sushanth Sivaram - presents Big Data to Cloud.
02/29/2016: Ramana Mokkapati - Concurrency in Perl 6
02/29/2016: Erick Jordon - Perl 6 NativeCall
01/25/2016: Canceled - Due to members attending SCALE
12/28/2015: Canceled - Due to holiday
11/30/2015: Suraj Vijayan: Cryptography
10/26/2015: Ramana Mokkapati: IMAP and email enabled applications Email Enabling Applications IMAP Automation Code
10/26/2015: Vijay Anand: ElasticSearch (nosql data base) / Kibina (Data visualization). ElasticSearch
09/28/2015: Ramana Mokkapati: Perl6 overview and comparison with Perl5. slides code
08/31/2015: Roundtable lightning talks
07/27/2015: Tony Gasparovic: Scraping websites using
07/27/2015: Tony Gasparovic: Storing data in JSON files using JSON
07/27/2015: Tony Gasparovic: Creating HTML Templates using: HTML::Template
06/29/2015: Ramana Mokkapati: Information on YAPC 2015 Salt Lake City Perl 6 Summary
06/29/2015: Bob Mathews: Graph Theory Graphs
05/25/2015: Canceled - Due to holiday
04/27/2015: Bob Mathews: Calculating Pi using Chudnovsky algorithm Pi
03/30/2015: Ramana Mokkapati: (Perl to compute Pi)
03/30/2015: Bob Mathews: Dice in Perl Dice
02/23/2015: Canceled - Due to SCALE
01/26/2015: Olli Hollmen - Getting started with MongoDB
12/30/2014: Canceled - Due to Xmas holiday
11/24/2014: Tony Gasparovic: Using a Raspberry Pi computer and Perl to automate his Cat's Litter Robot video
11/24/2014: Olli Hollmen - Large scale Asynchronous web services using Perl
10/27/2014: Ramana Mokkapati presented a) Net::Server usage and b) generating org chart. h2o.tar.gz
09/29/2014: Suraj Vijayan presented Generic server framework GENERIC_SERVER
08/25/2014: Vijay Anand: Plack, Dancer2
07/28/2014: Tony Gasparovic: Parsing EXCEL Spreadsheets using Win32::OLE / Active Perl kit compiling
07/28/2014: Ramana Mokkapati - Perl SWIG Interface. Reuse C libraries in your Perl code
06/30/2014: Vijay Anand: Docker
06/30/2014: Bob Mathews: Capturing TCP streams with Net::Pcap Pcap
05/26/2014: May meeting canceled due to holiday
04/28/2014: Ramana Mokkapati : Will talk about his really cool Raspberry Pi projects.
03/31/2014: Bob Mathews: cairographics
02/24/2014: Vijay Anand: Angular JS programming Angular JS
02/24/2014: Tony Gasparovic: Faker module.
01/27/2014: Juan J. Natera: Perl Socket Programming sockets
01/27/2014: Chuck Hardin: Stirring the Hive with a Perl Stick perl-hive
01/27/2014: Bob Mathews: JPEG compression using Perl JPEG
12/30/2013: Canceled - Due to Xmas holiday
11/25/2013: Canceled - Due to Thanksgiving holiday
10/28/2013: Canceled - We are looking for another meeting location.
09/30/2013: Vijay Anand Getopt::Std
09/30/2013: Bob Mathews: Data compression: Unzipping with Perl inflate  deflate  zip_ocpm.odp
08/26/2013: August meeting canceled
07/29/2013: Mike Bass: Catalyst
07/29/2013: Bob Mathews: Data Compression Huffman Codes: huffman_ocpm.odp  huffman_ocpm.zip
06/24/2013: Vijay Anand XML : XML_tut.zip
05/20/2013: Wyatt Drago & Vijay Anand: Regular Expressions
04/29/2013: Vijay Anand: CGI-Perl
03/25/2013: Vijay Anand: DB-Perl
02/25/2013: Vijay Anand: OO-Perl
01/28/2013: Tony Gasparovic: A Perl controlled security system built from scratch.

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