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Attention Orange County Perl Mongers!!

Show your support for Perl by attending the OC Perl Mongers meetings. Advanced, intermediate and beginning Perl users are all welcome.

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Date: Monday, May 26th, 2014.
Time: 7 - 9pm

Where: Broadcom 5300 California Avenue, Irvine, CA-92618. First floor conference room in building 14. Building Map

Directions: On California Ave, after crossing Bison Ave, take the first right turn (at STOP sign). Proceeding straight past STOP sign would get you to security guard gate - that means you went to too far.

Details: Plenty of FREE parking. Look for the building with a large number 14 above the door. The conference room is located next to the entrance door.

Food / Beverages: Bring your own food and beverages ( No alcohol ).

To volunteer for a presentation or to attend this months meeting please fill out this form: Sign up


Slot 1) Open slot -

Slot 2) Open slot -

Slot 3) Perl Challenge - As a group we will share solutions.

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Tony Tony Gasparovic runs the Orange County Perl Mongers group. Linkedin profile

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You can subscribe to our mailing list by sending a message containing only the word 'subscribe' to: oc-pm-request@mail.pm.org

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Previous Talks:

01/28/2013: Tony Gasparovic: A Perl controlled security system built from scratch.
02/25/2013: Vijay Anand: OO-Perl
03/25/2013: Vijay Anand: DB-Perl
04/29/2013: Vijay Anand: CGI-Perl
05/20/2013: Wyatt Drago & Vijay Anand: Regular Expressions
06/24/2013: Vijay Anand XML : XML_tut.zip
07/29/2013: Bob Mathews: Data Compression Huffman Codes: huffman_ocpm.odp  huffman_ocpm.zip
07/29/2013: Mike Bass: Catalyst
08/26/2013: August meeting canceled
09/30/2013: Bob Mathews: Data compression: Unzipping with Perl inflate  deflate  zip_ocpm.odp
09/30/2013: Vijay Anand Getopt::Std
10/28/2013: Canceled - We are looking for another meeting location.
11/25/2013: Canceled - Due to Thanksgiving holiday
12/30/2013: Canceled - Due to Xmas holiday
01/27/2014: Bob Mathews: JPEG compression using Perl JPEG
01/27/2014: Chuck Hardin: Stirring the Hive with a Perl Stick perl-hive
01/27/2014: Juan J. Natera: Perl Socket Programming sockets
02/24/2014: Tony Gasparovic: Faker module.
02/24/2014: Vijay Anand: Angular JS programming Angular JS
03/31/2014: Bob Mathews: cairographics