The May 2017 Perl Programming Challenge by Tony Gasparovic

THE CHALLENGE: 1) Reconstruct a photo that has been encoded with a series of barcode images. 2) Decode a secret morse code message that's embedded in the photo. DETAILS: The provided data file contains a list of code128 barcode images that have been base64 encoded (one barcode per line). Each scanned barcode contains the data need to reconstruct one pixel of the photo. Download barcode data file here Example barcode: Barcode Each decoded barcode will the following text format: 0 0 255 255 255 This means row=0, col=0, red=255, green=255, blue=255 row - A number that represents the row of the photo image. column - A number that represents the column of the photo image. red - A number that represents the red pixel setting. green - A number that represents the green pixel setting. blue - A number that represents the blue pixel setting. It's a good idea to store your barcode results in a data file. DECODING THE SECRET MORSE CODE MESSAGE: After you have successfully reconstructed the photo image. You can now try to decode the morse code message that is embedded in the first row. Converting the pixel settings an ascii character is a clue. THE SOLUTION: Being your completed Perl code to the May OC.PM meeting. Each member will get a chance to share their solution. Good luck Mongers!